Eaten Alive By Bacteria

Not all “animals” are friendly…

In fact many bugs can be downright life threatening. A family finds themselves in a dire situation when mom gets infected with the deadly flesh eating bacteria, Vibrio vulnificus. This is closely related to Vibrio cholerae, which as the name implies can cause cholera.

Doctors must act fast to save her arm. The bacteria releases a toxin that makes surrounding tissue to decay. If they don’t stop it in time it can cause organ failure and ultimately cause death.

Vibrio vulnificus is an extremely virulent bacteria that can cause three types of infections:

1. acute gastroenteritis (Usually associated with consuming raw or undercooked shellfish.)
2. Cell injury and decay (Associated with exposing open wounds to contaminated water.)
3. Blood poisoning (Also associated to raw or undercooked shellfish.)

Symptoms can include blistering skin lesions, septic shock, and sometimes even death.