Watch This Dolphin Fight To Save Her Baby

We always knew they were highly intelligent creatures, but this is heartbreaking.

The poor baby dolphin was caught in drumlines intended to keep sharks away. The mother dolphin is doing all she can to save her baby’s life.

A drum line is an unmanned aquatic trap used to lure and capture large sharks using baited hooks. They are typically deployed near popular swimming beaches with the intention of reducing the number of sharks in the vicinity and therefore the probability of shark attack.

A juvenile dolphin called Kyra is caught on a drumline with the hook embedded in her abdomen, puncturing her lung, as her mother tries desperately to do what she can to keep her alive. As Kyra tries to free herself, she continuously rubs against the chain associated with the drumline, eventually leaving her blind in one eye. Kyra was taken to Seaworld as a result of this incident and remains in captivity. This is just one episode of thousands that takes place from the Queensland Shark Control Program.