You Knew They Could Cause Pain But You Never Knew This

Who wouldn’t want to live in a sea urchin? Well not a real one of course…

Nature as we know all too well is smart. The whole bit about striving for perfection is ingrained in all living beings, and sea urchins are no different. In fact several designers draw inspiration from nature for their designs. The design you’re about to see below is based on that.

In fact the “house” below was inspired by sea urchin and it was built to captures tidal energy. And if all this talk about construction and building made you hungry, you’ll find a video below on how to clean and eat sea urchins.

House Inspired By Sea Urchin Captures Tidal Energy
House Inspired By Sea Urchin Captures Tidal Energy

The Hydroelectric Tidal House, envisioned by architectural designer Margot Krasojević, draws inspiration from some of nature’s weirdest sea creatures — echinoderms like starfish and sea urchins whose symmetrical shapes have long fascinated biologists.

Sea Urchins Chalk Up Global Warming Win

The concept house is designed to capture tidal energy by allowing water to flow through multiple channels between an inner and outer shell. The outer shell is anchored to the shoreline, while the inner shell pushes and pulls with the tide.

A turbine system of magnets and copper wire coils stored in an electrostatic capacitor transform the tidal energy into electrical current. Solar cells that line the upper and outer portions of the concrete structure provide extra power.

Hungry now? Here’s how you open and eat a sea urchin.

Source: Discovery