They Are So Rare You Probably Didn’t Even Know They Existed

This Is Not A Beluga And It’s Rare

If someone mentioned a white whale you would instantly think of a Beluga Whale. It’s only natural. Beluga’s are the quintessential white whales of the ocean.

The footage below however is actually a white Humpback, which is extremely rare. It is actually one of the first white whales ever seen by humans. Migaloo, as he’s been named is part of an Australian Humpback population that has around 17000 members.

Every year since 1991 when he was first spotted, whale watchers flock to catch a glimpse of this magnificent creature. Up until September 2011 Migaloo was thought to be the only all white Humpback Whale in the world.

The whale was believed to be three to five years old and discovered to be male, after recordings of him singing were captured in 1998 and 2003.

Over the years, Migaloo has been spotted at various locations around Australia, and there is even a Twitter account dedicated to his migration patterns.

Oskar Peterson, who is behind the Twitter account and has been collating information on Migaloo since the early ’90s told Mashable Australia further photos are needed to confirm if it is actually Migaloo. He believes it may not be the famous whale, due to the timing of the migration and the fact the whale appears smaller and younger than Migaloo, who was last spotted in Sydney and Cairns last year.

“The photos coming in are inconclusive,” Peterson said. “He seems to be very shining white, while last year he had yellow colouring markings on him.” Migaloo also has a crooked hook fin and a scar after being struck by a trimaran off Queensland in 2003 — both of these unique features can not be seen in the current photographs.

Source: Mashable