Bear Is Fed An Explosive Charge On Purpose

Can we find, shoot and kill the culprits?

Those were the first thoughts that went through my mind after this video was sent to me by Victoria Smith.

Normally we try to stay away from posting terrible videos like these, but this was just too much to let it go. What happened here is this…

The video below is about polar bear writhing in agony after she is fed a hidden explosive. This absolutely terrible story happened just few days ago, but it shocked a lot of people.

So, this story happened on a military base in north part of Russia.

Some workers of the base tend to feed wild animals when they cannot find food by themselves. And polar bears always go there, in order to get some food.

But in that fateful day a cook hid an explosive in the bear’s food. The result you can see in the video. I cannot find the words to describe it. I cannot accept the fact that such disgusting crime just happened.

However, it is not the end of the story. The bear survived or not, we don’t know. More likely, she could not survive. But SHE HAS A SON. He will die without our help.

We should save him and transport to a zoo. Together we can correct the mistakes of the inhuman guy. And now WE NEED YOUR HELP.


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