Looking At That Face You Wouldn’t Believe It

But the slow loris is actually toxic.

You cannot help but love this little guy… I mean with a face like that you can’t help but think of Gizmo. If they were doing a remake of the Gremlins he could easily get the role.

They are found in the wild in South and Southeast Asia, and are on the list of endangered animals. There are 8 distinct species of Slow lorises on record.

They get their toxin by licking a gland on their arm and mixing it with saliva. It is mostly used as a deterrent to predators. They also lick their coats (and their babies’ coats too) make themselves less appealing to predators.

The secretion from the arm contains a chemical related to cat allergen, but may be augmented by secondary toxins from the diet in wild individuals.

In the only recorded instance of a human death, the victim is believed to have died from anaphylactic shock.

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