Bulletproof Armadillo Sends Attacker To Hospital

This armadillo is one tough cookie

Armadillos are known for digging, burrowing and causing damage to people’s property and landscaping. In some cases people eat them too, but this is dangerous as they can cause leprosy.

armadillos can cause leprosy
armadillos may be a cause leprosy

He May Not Have His facts Straight But Don’t miss the Armadildo… Ooops… Armadillo Video Below

A Texan man who tried to shoot an armadillo has found himself in hospital after his bullet bounced off the animal and hit him in the face.

Police in Cass County said the unnamed man spotted the small animal “on his property” at around 3am local time on Thursday and decided to kill it.

The man was airlifted to a nearby hospital in the city of Texarkana, where his jaw had to be wired shut, according to police.

Source: Independent

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