Epic Battle Of Sea Monsters Between Great White And Killer Whale

Great White Vs Killer Whale – Biologists thought this could never happen…

These sea monsters are so voracious that biologists didn’t think they would challenge on another. But they did… With a biting force of one third of a T. Rex you’d think the shark would win this battle.

A 2012 study by scientists Karl Bates and Peter Falkingham suggested that the bite force of Tyrannosaurus could have been the strongest of any terrestrial animal that has ever lived. The calculations suggested that adult T. rex could have generated from 35,000 to 57,000 newtons of force in the back teeth, or the equivalent of three times the force estimated for a great white shark.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyrannosaurus

The Orca is believed to have a bite force of around 19,000 psi. but this is just a guess based on obeservation.

Photo Credits: http://www.lifeintheknow.com/killer-whale-shreds-great-white-shark-to-pieces/