What Happens When Leopard and Hyena Team Up

The Leopard and Hyena Cooperate – This is a first.

This video contains graphic images!

Rare footage of a hyena and a leopard sharing a warthog. Filmed at the Idube Game Reserve in South Africa. Leopards and Hyenas are usually mortal enemies and under normal circumstances they would either avoid each other or fight. Sometimes to death.

The Leopard strikes first, but the squeals from the wounded warthog attracts the Hyena. As soon as the leopard gets distracted the warthog dashes off, but is soon crushed by the much more powerful jaws of the hyena.

Even though the warthog makes an effort to fight back and charges twice, he’s no match for the powerful jaws of the hyena.

Leopard – Panthera pardus
Jaw Strength: PSI: 700

Spotted Hyena – Crocuta crocuta
Jaw Strength: PSI: 1100